Abdus Salam Memorial Trust Fund (ASMTF)

Abdus Salam Memorial Trust Fund, named after the deceased brother of the owning family of M & J Group, was set up in 1984 with an initial fund of BDT 60,000. It was reconstituted in January 2009 to raise the amount to BDT 2.70 million (around USD 40,000). This fund will be used to provide 10 scholarships to students of the department of Soil, Water and Environment of Dhaka University. 8 students of Honors classes (2 students from each year, from 1st year through 4th year) and 2 students of Masters class will be eligible to receive an amount of BDT 2,000 per month for a period of one year based on their results.

Also, there is a provision for a Gold Medal to be awarded to the student who obtains the highest marks in the Honors final examination.