Quality: Our sole
It is not only about the production of quality products, it is about the total quality of business that transforms the needs to satisfaction.

That's why we keep trying to improve customer satisfaction through fashion and reliability by always putting full emphasis on quality. While quality is our sole "raison d'Ítre", we believe that neither fashion can be delivered nor reliability can be achieved without it.

"Our quality approach is based on continuous improvement of performance which is from well-controlled procurement stage to the on-time deliveries of top quality garments."

The quality of our business together with the satisfaction of our customers are our main concerns.

10 ways to attain and maintain a reputable quality in fashion business!

At M & J Group, we attain and maintain our reputable, quality business by:

  1. Strictly complying to our customers' guidelines and requirements
  2. Taking advantages of the latest technologies
  3. Emphasizing on preventions as well as inspection
  4. Always working with Total Quality Management principles
  5. Never missing the delivery schedules
  6. Continuously improving safety levels of products and working environments
  7. Having in-house professional quality management team comprised of Quality Manager, Quality Assurance and Quality Inspectors
  8. Putting research and development activities into the core of our business
  9. Always trying to think from customers' point of view
  10. Aways striving for excellence