Khokon Charitable Foundation

Khokon Charitable Foundation - named after the deceased brother of the owning family of M & J Group - was set up in July 2007. KCF aims at helping the people whose lives are dominated by poverty, illiteracy, disease and other handicaps. With multifaceted interventions, this foundation strives to bring about positive changes in the quality of life of the rural poor of Sirajganj district in Bangladesh. With this view in mind, KCF has already started helping the people of Haluakandi, the village where the founder of M & J Group late Alhaz Mofiz Uddin Talukder was born.

Following are the core areas where KCF would like to concentrate by allocating its resources:

Medicare Facilities

Medicare facilities like arrangement of a make-shift hospital for the pregnant women, children and elderly people are already in operation. All registered people have access to qualified doctors and medicines at free of cost. Surgery is also free for all registered people.

Occasional eye camps are also being set up to help people with cataract and other eye complications.

Monthly Allowance

A monthly allowance @ BDT 1000 is being earmarked for each old aged, widow and handicapped people.

Monthly Stipend

A monthly stipend @ BDT 300 is being earmarked for number of 125 students.

Interest free Loan

Interest free loan distributes among the registered villagers for following purpose:

Build House, Build toilet, Land purchase, Small business, Vehicle purchase, Cow purchase etc.


Pre-schooling facility has been established for those who traditionally remain outside of formal schooling. Children below 6 years of age are entitled to use this facility at free of cost.

Other Activities

Awareness building campaign and support:

  • to use arsenic free drinking water
  • to use sanitary latrine
  • to learn basic hygiene issues
  • for afforestation program
  • for family planning